Sebra Baby Care: The New Vegan Friendly Baby Skin Care Range

Sebra Interior is has launched an all new organic, vegan and allergy-friendly skincare product range for your little one and you.

The line includes Six new, certified and allergy-friendly baby care products. This line has been developed and produced in Denmark. This line complements there other seven lines which you may already know them for.

The ingredients in the Sebra Interior baby care line are made of 98-100% natural ingredients with every product in the range being vegan. Each product in this line holds the Nordic Swan Eco label which is the official Nordic eco label the objective of this label is about reducing the overall environmental footprint of the production and consumption of the product.

Top To Toe Wash

Is a 3 in 1 wash for body, hair or use to create a relaxing or fun bubble bath. Created with 99% natural organic ingredients including aloe vera to help cleanse. With no added perfume or colourants this top to toe wash is allergy friendly and gentle on sensitive skin.

Price: £17.95

Soft Oil

This oil is skin moisturiser with multiple uses. This oil can be used for baby massages, cradle cap treatment or as a bath oil. Made from almonds, sunflower and apricot oil. This oil is made from 100% organic ingredients

Price: £13.95

Foamy Shampoo

The foamy shampoo is a gentle and pure foam that makes bath time fun for little ones and easier on parents. This product is made with 98% natural origin ingredients such as aloe vera. With no added perfume or colourants making it kind on your little ones.

Price: £13.95

Zinc Cream

Is made with natural ingredients like cocoa butter, olive oil, aloe vera and shea butter. Making this organic nappy cream 100% organic. With no added perfume or colourants, this cream will be gentle to skin and help sooth nappy rash.

Price: £10.95

Pure Body Lotion

Made from aloe vera, shea butter and olive oil this pure lotion is 99.6% organic. The lotion is a mild fast-absorbing lotion for both baby and family. With no added perfume or colourants.

Price: £15.95

Multi-relief Cream

This SOS cream and treatment give your baby and family some extra moisture and care. With 99.6% natural ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter and olive oil. With no added perfumer or colourants.

Price: £13.95

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