Introducing: Mee-go Little Organics Skincare

When it comes to baby and child skincare, parents want a product that they can trust not to be harmful to their little one’s delicate skin. Introducing Little Organics by Mee-go. A range of skincare from body wash, to shampoo and hand sanitiser. It is free from harmful chemicals, is animal cruelty free and Halal approved.

Halal Approved

What does it mean by Halal approved? Halal skincare products are essentially free from materials forbidden by Islamic Law – typically made of all natural plant-based ingredients, with no animal or absorbable alcohol ingredients being used during manufacturing.

In a nutshell, Halal products are suitable for anyone who worries about the unknown ingredients they may be putting on their skin, after all, skin is the largest organ and absorbs a large percentage of what is put onto it. The ingredients in products used on the skin can easily be absorbed into our bloodstream. Mee-go Little Organics are proud to have the Halal seal of approval on all products across the skincare range, giving you peace of mind you are only using the best for baby’s skin.

Mee-go The Brand

Mee-go Ltd is an existing, successful brand within the nursery sector offering modern day parents quality travel solutions and furniture for their babies and children.

The company was launched by MD Paul in 2012 offering quality pushchairs without the designer price tags. The range soon grew and Mee-go launched its first furniture and pushchair accessories range in 2014. The brand continues to grow with new products constantlybeing developed.

The Mee-go brand was named quite simply with the help of Paul’s son, Findlay. Paul was looking for a catchy name which had some meaning. When Findlay was starting to talk and communicate he used to say ‘me go potty’, ‘me go bed’… and hence Mee-go was born.

Paul found it hard to find a baby skincare range he trusted, which was made from natural ingredients and kind to Findlay’s skin, so in hisquest to build the Mee-go range he ventured into the world of skincare.

Using the existing Mee-go logo, the Little Organics brand marque has been developed to portray a luxury product within the children’s skincare market.

About The Little Organics Range

All of the Mee-go Little Organics products are Made in Ireland using Irish Spring Water and natural ingredients. Ingredients are from sustainable sources and at no point have they been tested on animals. They are completely Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly using ingredients such as Chamomile Flower Oil and Aloe Vera Plant

The Mee-go Little Organics Range consists of the following products:

Bubble Bath – 250ml

Soft Skin Moisturiser – 250ml

Shampoo – 250ml

Body Wash – 250ml

Hand Wash – 250ml

Clean Hands Sanitising Foam – 160ml

Each product is priced at £8.99, shop online now at

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