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Cybex Rebellious


”Courage, engagement, optimism and confidence – these are qualities that distinguish modern, self-confident women and trendsetters from followers. Challenging the status quo, thinking outside the box and embracing innovation are defining traits of young and ambitious women today.”



The new CYBEX Platinum “Rebellious” Fashion Collection


 This pushchair transforms this way of life into a stylish and luxurious design statement – full of SPIRIT and SOPHISTICATION. Inspired by fashionable non-conformists of our time. CYBEX interprets the latest trends with expertise, elegance and a clear message. Vivid colours, clever patches, top quality and fresh chic style make the CYBEX “Rebellious” line a cutting-edge fashion statement for bold, active women celebrating life with their children. Rise and shine!”


Cybex Rebellious     Cybex Rebellious

Chic Style!

The new Cybex Rebellious Fashion Collection is a stylish and luxurious design statement that is full of spirit. Inspired by the fashionable non-conformists of our time, Cybex interprets the latest trends with expertise, culture and a clear message. Vivid colours, clever patches, top quality and fresh, chic style make the Rebellious line a cutting-edge fashion statement for bold, active parents celebrating life with their children.


Cybex Rebellious Cloud Q

The Cloud Q is a perfect combination of safety and iconic design, the advanced ergonomics and adjustable features mean that the Cybex Cloud Q Car Seat grows with your infant. The Base Q-Fix is ISOFIX compatible for one-click integration and is available to purchase separately. The Cloud Q can be changed to a horizontal, lie-flat position outside of the car. With a longer leg rest and a lie-flat position, the child can lay comfortably in an ergonomically correct position. The angle can be adjusted easily with one hand without having to take the child out of the seat.

Cybex Rebellious

The Cloud Q is adapted to meet the needs of even the most delicate newborn and premature babies. The tipping forward of the head can lead to breathing problems during sleep and needs to be avoided at all costs. Along with German doctors and midwives, and taking into account the findings of many tests, a function was developed that enables a near flat lying angle between head, neck and chest. The risk of suffocation is thereby significantly reduced. This is achieved through a removable seat insert, which also offers more space and comfort for bigger children once removed. It is ideal for the transportation of premature and very small babies, whose neck muscles and reflexes are not yet fully developed.
Cybex RebelliousThanks to the flat-lying angle, the infant car seat transforms into a practical and clever carrycot for the baby’s first months. The baby can rest with optimal protection and in an ergonomically correct position. The Linear Side Impact Protection System (L.S.P.) on the Cloud Q redirects the force of a side collision away from your child. It can easily be adjusted to suit your car.


In combination with the telescopic L.S.P. System. the 11-position height adjustable headrest adds to the intuitive side impact protection, as the length of the harness changes automatically when the headrest is adjusted.The integrated, extra-large sun canopy offers UPF50+ sun protection. It also protects the baby against stress and sensory overload. When not being used, the canopy elegantly disappears behind a colour coordinated visor. The soft harness pads and soft belt and crotch pads perfectly round off the comfort features of the Cloud Q.




Cybex Rebellious   Cybex Rebellious


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