A Bed That Grows With Your Child | The Leander Cot Bed

Leader Cot Bed

The Oval-Shaped Sleep Haven

The Leander Cot is an oval-shaped sleep haven for you little one. Stylish, Contemporary, Unique and most noteworthy it’s Comfortable. Sleep is the secret ingredient which gives children the energy they need to learn. Not only does is help your little one’s bodies and brains to grow, but it recharges their batteries.

The Leader Cot gives you four contemporary colour options to suit all tastes and bedroom styles. The neutrality of the colours makes it an easy option as they seamlessly fit with any interior aesthetic, whether that be contemporary or traditional.

The Leander Cot Bed                      


From Baby To Junior Bed

The Leander bed follows your child and is built to last – in more ways than one. Five great beds in one. Simple and totally cool. When you buy the Leander bed you only need to invest in a bed once. The bed grows with your child. Start by using the bed with the bottom and sides placed in baby position. When your baby starts to stand by himself or herself, lower the bottom of the bed.


Why not team up your Leander Cot Bed with the Organic +7 Cot Bed Mattress?

Leander Cot Bed Mattress

The Organic 7+ mattress is made from organic materials. The 2-sided, twist mattress suitable for 0-7 years (approx) is designed to fit the Leander Cot.

It has two sides; one with a firm side for baby and a soft side for a child, allowing optimal adaption to the weight of the child. If converting the Leander cot to the junior bed a mattress extension is available for purchase separately.


The materials: 

  • 100% pure natural organic latex creating a supple and comfy support that is chemical-free and extremely durable.
  • A Coconut Coir, which acts like thousands of tiny springs, reducing pressure points and providing an evenly sprung support.
  • A natural organic fleece wool, which is  naturally anti-allergy and breathable – each layer of natural wool helps regulate your baby’s body temperature whilst dispersing any moisture to help ensure it stays clean and fresh; and
  • A natural Organic Cotton – a luxurious, non-removable herringbone cotton cover free from any pesticides or herbicides.

A Bed That Grows With Your Child.

Leander Cot Bed


When you child is ready to crawl out of bed without any help, you can remove the sides of the bed. You now have a regular 70×120 cm bed. When the bed becomes too short, simply change the sides and base of the bed with the junior kit. You now have a 70×150 cm junior bed.


Leader Cot Bed    +   Leander Cot Bed   = Leader Cot Bed


Guardrails are available as an accessory if your child needs extra security. When the bed no longer is used as a bed, it can be used as a smart sofa in the teenage room.